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Giving your greenery eternal life

The artifıcially intelligent choice

Choosing Mala is a no-brainer when faux plants look this good. You're busy and on a budget, but your style shouldn't suffer. Stay on trend with realistic plants and charming containers at prices you'll love.

Geaux Faux

For some people, fake plants just make sense.
Do you fit the artificial archetype?

No Mess, No Stress

Capsized containers = loose soil everywhere. No thanks.

Green Thumb Not Required

Real talk: Keeping plants alive isn’t one of your talents.

Keep Bugs At Bay

Live plants bring other life in the form of mites, aphids and flies.

Protect Your Pets

There’s plenty of toxicity in the world; don’t add to it.

Don't Anger Your Allergies

These tiny fake trees won't make you sneeze.

What’s A Plant Sitter?

These babies take care of themselves when you’re gone.